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Discussion: Hot with Thunderstorms & Air Quality Alert Today 6/14/24

Friday June 14th

Happy Flag Day

Today, hot and sunny with thunderstorms this afternoon

Air Quality Alert for excessive ozone today, sensitive individuals should take precautions

Temps in the low 90⁰s. Thunderstorms possible after 2pm and likely from 5 - 8. Slight chance that a storm might be severe, with heavy rain and wind. Clearing after 8pm

Weekend will be clear dry and warm with Temps in the 80⁰s

By the middle of next week we could be looking at the first heatwave of the season, with Temps in the 90⁰s likely every day from Tuesday through Saturday




The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued an

Air Quality Action Day for the following counties:

Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, and Union,

from 11 AM to 11 PM EDT Friday.

An Air Quality Action Day means that Ground Level Ozone within the

region may approach or exceed unhealthy standards.

For additional information, please visit the New Jersey Department

of Environmental Protection Web site at http://www.njaqinow.net

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Discussion: HEAT WAVE

June 17th, 2024

Heat Wave

The NWS has issued a Heat Advisory starting Tuesday for our area. Excessive heat should continue through at least Friday.

Today, warm, clear, and dry with a high in the upper 80s.

Tuesday through Friday, a building upper ridge will drive daytime temperatures into the low to mid 90⁰s each day. A southern wind will bring some humidity, and take the heat index ("feels like temperature") to the mid to upper 90⁰s. The same southern breeze will keep the nighttime lows in the upper 60⁰s or 70⁰s here in MAPSO.

Warm weather could continue through the weekend and into next week, although a cold front might bring some relief over the weekend (along with showers).

A heat wave is defined as heat index temperatures over 95⁰ for three or more days (this definition is location specific a heat wave in Texas is hotter than one in Maine. The use of the heat index takes humidity into account).

I expect that, in New Jersey, will will come close or break some June heat records this week. Please be mindful of the heat. Stay cool. Stay in the shade, and indoors during the midday heat. Check on the elderly and disabled, check on your neighbors. Drink plenty of fluids.

Because of the sea breeze, temperatures will be hotter in MAPSO than in the city, and likely hotter here than at the airport. Most apps report the airport temperature, so if your local thermometer says 97⁰ and the app says 92⁰, believe your thermometer not the app.

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Discussion: What series should I watch next?

If anyone missed Your Honor with Bryan Cranston on HBO - it's on Netflix now.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

nan said:

You laugh now. You won't laugh later.

I wasn’t laughing. There’s nothing funny about an advocate of preventive war’s efforts to incite alarm.

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Discussion: HEAT WAVE

Thanks, Max! Better to know than not...

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: Listening to voters’ concerns

mtierney said:

One of the many reasons — IMNSHO — that the Rose Garden has had staying power over the last  decade or so includes the reality that multiple topics, overlapping issues, diverse POVs, etc, arrive spontaneously, and it is a little like a civics class you might actually enjoy — But, naturally, being political junkies, at times our tempers and frustrations erupt and we are unkind to others who have a different take on what’s happening in our Rose Garden. 

But, I shall soldier on, ducking the anger, and smelling the roses!

for me, the thread has staying power because every day I'm curious to see what sort of outrageous lies you've posted.

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Discussion: Ohio is scaring me. Who scares you? NJ edition.

yahooyahoo said:

So, both winning candidates were supported by all or some of the MDC.  

So was the losing candidate.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: Listening to voters’ concerns

Smedley said:

You're a bit unhinged as usual. Mentioning Norcross makes me a Trump supporter?

Are you claiming that the Trump family isn't a "real crime family"? Because that was your post.

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Discussion: Curious if South Orange Maplewood schools teach about anti-racism, systemic racism,whiteness as problematic

notupset said:

How Public Schools Became Ideological Boot Camps

In nearly every public school in the country, children are given curriculum materials that have no official oversight or approval.

By Robert Pondiscio

… Not your child’s school or teacher? Wanna bet? A 2017 RAND Corporation survey found that 99 percent of elementary teachers and 96 percent of secondary schools use “materials I developed and/or selected myself” in teaching English language arts. The numbers are virtually the same in math. But putting teachers in charge of creating their own lesson plans or scouring the internet for curriculum materials creates an irresistible opportunity for every imaginable interest group that perceives—not incorrectly—that overworked teachers and a captive young audience equal a rich target for selling products and pushing ideologies.

Did you notice what the writer did there? Citing a finding that nearly all teachers used materials they developed or selected themselves in classroom lessons, he leaped to the assertion that they put themselves in charge of creating their own lesson plans or scoured the web for replacement curriculum materials.

Except nearly all teachers in the same survey also reported using “materials developed and/or selected by my district (including any materials formally circulated to teachers across the district for use in classroom lessons).”

That is, the use of teacher-chosen material does not signify an abandonment of a district’s curriculum. It’s a supplemental way for individual teachers to do an individual job. The writer’s attempt to suggest otherwise was my cue to stop reading.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

nan said:

No we can see that there are a few sentences in red and that they were expected to be resolved in the next iteration which was a more advanced level of negotiations.  

Those sentences are pretty important. The whole framework relied on outside countries pledging themselves to defend Ukraine in case of attack. Russia wanted a veto on this. That's not the sort of difference than can be massaged over with negotiations, however much you yell "Boris Johnson."

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