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Discussion: Ohio Adventures

Well, I'm out of the hospital. Yay!

Got discharged on Saturday and am at my brother's house where I'll stay until my stamina and walking skills are more back to normal. I'm mostly hobbling around on a cane. And the fifteen steps to get to the guest room get pretty hard near the top.

To  be honest, when I first tried to stand after about 3 weeks into my stay, I felt so weak that I thought it would be months before I could walk at all. I got quite depressed. But the body has a remarkable ability to recover, for which I'm grateful.

Having the tracheotomy and being unable to talk was also depressing, as I thought I'd be talking with a robot voice once I was able to talk at all. But my voice is pretty much back to normal - it might be a bit lower than it used to be. Still have a hole in my neck, but it's healing nicely.

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Discussion: Concert honoring Jim Buchanan Thursday 6/1

This is just one of many events that will honor everyone's pal Jimbo

This Thursday June 1 in Maplecrest Park there will be a special evening of music and memories honoring local arts legend Jim Buchanan . There is a Hilton Neighborhood Association meeting at 6:30 PM, music/memories will start at 7 PM. Music will be provided by Swing Town, the band that Jim co-founded and led. Free and open to all! In case of rain the event will take place at the Burgdorff Performing Arts Center

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Discussion: TLS Certificate Expired

mtierney said:

OMG, i thought it was something I said!

I thought I broke something in our house move!  :)) @-)

Am forever grateful for all the quiet background work done here - thank you, Jamie & crew!

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Discussion: Haunted Faucet??

joan_crystal said:

What really got to me is that hearing the broadcast after seven plus years of faucet silence coincided with what would have been our 50th wedding anniversary and I have not heard the broadcast since.  

In journalism, this is known as burying the lede.

I am fascinated by all of the potential scientific answers for this strange phenomenon. But I am far more taken with the much more romantic explanation of someone saying hello from beyond. I tend to be a pretty skeptical person, but this time I’m going to abandon any pretense  of explaining this with physics.

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Discussion: Server Glitches

That’s why you all need to get a “Jamie space “

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Discussion: Funk Yeah! Memorial Day 3pm Maplewood ** FREE **

Good show, though I missed some at the end.  You deserve a bigger crowd though I'm not sure how the word went out beyond this link.  Anyway, please keep us informed about your future local appearances.  

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

"I don't see color" is a tell.  

Most of us  "saw" Obama as interracial whereas Trump saw a Muslim and a guy born in Indonesia.  Trump heard about a rape in Central Park and he helped put innocent black men in prison thanks to full page ads. He saw their color and the jury saw their color. 

Cops everywhere have to see color because that's how dispatchers communicate a suspect's appearance. Tons of videos online showing people being stopped as a suspect 90% based on color and only figure out later the alleged perp was wearing the wrong color clothing.  Or his age was way off. 

White people can't identify Asians as well as I can (I know the sound of the languages and often what they're saying if it's in Mandarin), so they get lumped as a parcel and were attacked on the streets during the Covid years.  

Brown skinned people can be from plenty of places. An Indian friend of mine says he has been hassled so much at airports in the US that he won't return (and it wasn't like that when he attended uni years ago in the midwest), so he visits Europe and other Asian nations with his wife. His son attends LSE in England, which seems to be better with race relations than the US.  

A recent study in Germany reflects the positive outcome it's seeing with a large influx of refugees.  There has been no job shortage and no depreciation of wages (upward ticks, in fact).  

Meanwhile, in the US, bonehead Rep. Boebert recently put up a bill calling for the death penalty for anyone bringing drugs across the southern boarder in any amounts, when one of the largest intakes in recent years was found at the port of Philadelphia. 

Anything to spread racial hatred is the only platform Republicans can win on and they're counting on the irrational fears of old white people and people who immigrated recently from socialist nations and buy into the farcical claim that Democrat = socialist. Joe Biden is as Republican as it gets without having an R after his name (he moved it to a middle initial).

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Discussion: Vulture Capitalism --- GOOD NEWS

The S.C. ruled that the practice of confiscating all income from the sale of property, due to tax default, is illegal.

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

paulsurovell said:

Hate was rebuffed, not spread, as a result of Musk's question.

Not only is that bullsh*t, but you know it’s bullsh*t. Elon’s intention wasn’t to “rebuff hate”.

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