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Discussion: Christmas crafts for outdoors

So, not the best pics (couldn’t stand in the road, for fear of being run over). On the viewer’s left wall, there’s a little tinsel tree wall-hanging complete with a star atop the greenery. In the middle, slightly to your right and leading away from you, is a length of gold tinsel looping around that roof strut.

Amazing how many elderly dog-walkers, runners, cycling packs, and tradies (construction trades workers) are out and about around 5-5:40am  :)) Also, bus shelter is under video surveillance!

We’re expecting the remnants of a cyclone may trail through town in the next few days; winds more than thing else. Some parts of the State may reach 113°F+  in the meantime. 

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Discussion: Christmas crafts for outdoors

joanne said:

Dear friends, I have a crazy idea to spark Christmas in public transport in my neighbourhood…but I’m not sure how to do it safely. Can you advise me please?

A few steps from my front door is a lonely bus shelter, bravely facing the world with its large frame of brightly coloured, scrolling, advertisement posters.  Then there’s the bench, a few timetables tacked up around the other walls, a notice that you can’t just put up your own notices,  traces of old graffiti and a waste paper bin. 
I thought  I’d affix a few strands of sparkly tinsel up around the walls, fairly high so they’re not easy to dislodge.
But I’m not sure what to use to hold the tinsel up??  I have some clear, wide packing tape.
Also blutack, but I don’t think that would work. 

Today will be over 100°F. The last few days have been high 90s and humid, with strong winds. 

I’ve never done anything like this, so your advice is appreciated. TIA.

Are there posts? Openings where you could secure wire, string or ribbon? My husband I did this today with a little wire and ribbon. The utility company left this to rot on our berm, so we decided to make it festive. 

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Discussion: Rain and wind Sunday

Friday evening, 12/8/2023

Happy Chanukkah!

Rain likely to start early Sunday morning and continuing all day and most of the night.

Sunday starts with showers and by late afternoon more likely to be moderate. Steady rain overnight, should be heavy at times. Wind likely to pick up overnight as well, steady 15 - 20 with gusts possibly into the 40s.

Rain tapers off early Monday morning but the wind is likely to hold at 12 - 15 with gusts possible into the 30s through the day Monday.

Timing could change by a few hours either way on the rain and wind elements depending on when the front passes through.

Total rain 1.5 - 2.5" forecast at this time

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Discussion: Calling all Kitchen Aid fans out there

bella said:

@Heynj Just checked their website, this is on sale with free shipping https://www.qvc.com/kitchenaid-pro-600-6-qt-bowl-lift-stand-mixer-w-flex-edge.product.K89093.html?sc=NAVLIST 

I don't need it, but I want it! 

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Discussion: Ohio Adventures

funny thing...

I recently started playing pickleball at my health club. There are about 40 people who play there, so I've had to introduce myself many times.

My first name is Mario. When I introduce myself,  I pronounce it with a flat "a", like in "bat". I've always preferred this pronunciation, as opposed to "Mahrio", like the word "mar".

Anyway, pretty much everyone wants to say Mahrio, and they always ask which I prefer. At first I used to give the flat a version, but I've gotten so tired of it that now I just say it doesn't matter.

(and forget about the number of people who have to mention the video game)

What's weird is that when I lived in NJ/NY I don't think anyone ever asked me for my preferred pronunciation, so it's taken me a bit by surprise.

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

terp said:

Pretty sure his mortal sin was questioning the war state. 

or perhaps it was **** texting about his colleagues and bosses. 

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Discussion: Ask Me Anything • Licensed Master Plumber

jamie said:

Cold radiator- I tried the advice I gave to someone else which was to take off the valve and blow it out but that didn’t seem to work in this case. when I do take the valve off and the furnace is on I’m getting puffs of cold air.

seems like air is trapped somewhere in the system. Check the first vent down in the basement, it will be on the big pipe close to the furnace. That’s a number 1 and it can get clogged up. That’s all I can think of. But of course the master plumber will have a good idea of what you’re dealing with. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

mtierney said:

ridski said:

Remember when Republicans were warning us about Obama's secret Gestapo force, which was just more funding for the Peace Corps and an expanded AmeriCorps?

I have concluded that you do not believe that people evolve, things change, the world turns. Stuck in a rut without a shovel is a dead end choice — but it is still a free country.

your dumbest cartoon ever. And that's saying something. 

What pray tell, do you think Biden could possibly be facing jail time for?

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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

Denny Lane, who was a founding member of the Moody Blues and Paul McCartney's Wings, has died as a result of lung disease.

He was aged 79.


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