Unsolicited plug: Tacos Mexican Grill in Irvington


Great little taqueria with all the real stuff: goat tacos, rotisserie chickens, horchata and tamales and posole on the weekends. Nice folks running it. It's on the block across the from the IHOP, and well worth the 10 minute drive down scenic Springfield Avenue. But, for the lazy, they also deliver!

Anyone who wants a taste of comida tipica should check it out posthaste. 


I think I ordered from them once through Grubhub - it was pretty good.


That looks good, I will try them


We ordered a bunch of food from them last week via their web site / app (beyondmenu). I ordered at 7pm, confirmation email said delivery would be 7:30pm. At 8pm nothing had happened so I called the restaurant, but nobody picked up. Called the beyondmenu service line, they said the restaurant had "verizon problems" so they had not received my order and could not pick up the phone but they would take it now, but it would take another 30-60 minutes. I said no thanks and was promised a refund.

I realize this stuff can happen, but it wasn't a first great experience.


A notice on their Facebook page, dated Friday night, says they were having phone problems. Sounds like unfortunate timing.


Yeah, anyway, go in person. Tacos are best served fresh and it's a nice atmosphere. Bring some working Spanish for best results!

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