VA's Aid and Attendance - how to qualify?

Who knows about VA Aid and Attendance benefits? It seems that my relative would be eligible for it since her late spouse's first day of active duty was the last day of the Korean War. I know I can probably call the VA, but I'd like to know more before picking up the phone.

Benefits vary, depending on the level of service. If the veteran's first day of active duty was in a combat zone in Korea, full benefits apply. If the service was in a non-combat location, limited benefits. Spouse may also be eligible.

You need marriage certificate If any, discharge certificate and record of any injuries.

Veteran can contact any chapter of the American Legion for assistance. They have people who are as knowledgeable as in the V.A. office. They can initiate paperwork for the veteran. OR, every N.J. county has it's own V.A. office where they can also initiate paperwork.

Certainly contact me if you want a contact person for the Am. Legion.

The Vet does not Have to have been in combat. He has to have been active duty (not reserve) 100 days, at least one day of which overlapped with official dates of a war. Veterans Service Organizations can help with application. Applicant must show need for assistance with activities of daily living and that their income and assets are inadequate to cover their cost of care. There is no lookback for VA A&A at this time.  A gift could be made, and the month after, when statement shows low assets, the application could be made. Surviving spouse of Vet can apply for benefit equal to about half what the Vet would have got.

Qualified surviving spouses and veterans are also eligible for full time residence in the three N.J. V.A. hospitals should that need arise. There is a two year waiting period for beds for spouses in the V.A. 

My mother was in residence at the V.A. hospital in Paramus. She received excellent care. While there are problems with the federal V.A. hospitals, the N.J. facilities are of high quality.

Thanks all. Vet is deceased, spouse is in NYS. Vet was in service for 5 years, but his first day was the last day of the Korean War. We are trying to keep the relative out of a nursing home for as long as possible. Vet did receive benefits - meds and burial at Calverton on LI. Spoke to a retired VA person last night that walked me thru some of the important things to do now. 

If this can wait a few weeks, there is a program scheduled for Maplewood Town Hall on January 24, 2018 from noon to 2 pm where an expert will be speaking on Veterans Benefits.  Contact Cathy Rowe at Town Hall for more information.

If this won't work due to date/time or location, try going to the Veteran's Administration website Mouse over "Benefits" on home page for drop down menu.  Select "survivor's benefits".  The website also has a contact us option, accessible from the home page if her specific situation is not covered by the website content.

If spouse was a member of a Veteran's Organization such as VFW, American Legion, or Disabled Veterans, she can reach out to the service officer of that organization for help in determining what benefits, if any, she may qualify for.

I am no expert on the subject.  That said if you want to contact me through PM or off-line with specific information on the individual situation, I will try to help.

We cross posted.  Residency in NYS should not make a difference since VA is a Federal program.  Medical benefits through VA and burial at a Veteran's cemetery are generally available to all veterans.  Spousal benefits may vary widely depending on a number of different variables.  Please check the website I cited above.  When I last used it for a friend, they had a search engine function in which you could enter specific information about the individual case and get an immediate response as to the benefits if any to which an individual might be entitled. 

Are you looking to determine if your spouse would be eligible for medical care through the VA or if she would be eligible for admission to a VA nursing facility?  

Hi Joan, it's for my mom. My dad was the vet. Will call the VA today to confirm her eligibility. 

As stated above, please let me know if I can help.  I have nothing special planned for today.  I am very sorry to hear about her ill health.  Sending my best wishes.

I'm sorry your Mom is faltering.

If there is cash to be moved, move it before opening the VA A&A application, not after. 

NJ State Veterans Homes (Menlo Park, Paramus) have a 3-year look back as to gifts.  They admit the applicant, if there is a bed (Vets take precedence over surviving spouses), but they charge her more if she has gifted within 3 years of admission.

Matt Nolfo, Esq. is a New York elder lawyer & knowledgeable about how VA A&A might interface with NY Medicaid.

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