Underground Storage Tank reimbursement by state

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with reimbursement from the state regarding the removal of an underground oil storage tank? I applied about six years ago just when the state fund ran out of money but I was assured I'd be paid one day when the fund was slowly replenished. Now I'm told that though I am under the income/asset thresholds, I do not qualify because my income-to-debt ratio is too high so I am not a "hardship" case. I was told that they do not count tax-deductible debt (mortgage etc) so on the face of it it seems like they'd label me a hardship if I took out a margin loan or a loan for a private jet, but not if I had deducted huge hospital bills. Am I missing something? Anyone out there get reimbursed and if so, can I go for a ride in your Lear jet?

Is the fund being replenished now?

I can't imagine this governor doing anything to help with this.

I can't imagine this governor doing anything to help with this.

I believe the fund is being replenished in a very minor way each year so they are moving down the list from six years ago, though given their new criteria it seems impossible that anyone will qualify. And no I'm sure the governor will do anything to help on this one....

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