To the Good Samaritan in Maplewood

To the Good Samaritan in Maplewood, MPD and Orange PD. Maplewood Twp Police Dept Orange Police Department

With everything going on that's negative it's important to make note of the good that does happen. 

First of all, To the Maplewood resident or frequent traveler on Jacoby Street, may the Good Lord bless you abundantly all the days of your life. 

This afternoon,  I open the door to a knock, I live in Orange. It's a police officer, Orange PD. After he verifies my name he asks me to call the Maplewood PD (MPD). I ask him why he doesn't give me a reason. By now I'm panicked, my daughter is at a sitter in Maplewood so I'm thinking she didn't call me because she's unable to, something has gone just horribly wrong. I insist that he calls them to find out why. As it turns out I lost my wallet. (Back story)

This morning I couldn't find my wallet after I dropped off my daughter. I searched everywhere and figured it must be in her diaper bag where it sometimes ends up when I'm ferrying too many things to and from the car. No big deal right? I'll get it later. 

A Good Samaritan found it on Jacoby street and turned it in, intact no less, cash and everything and I can't help but feel overwhelming joy and gratitude that with everything that is going on in the world there are still good hearted, kind people at every turn.  It could have been 6pm before I realized it was really lost and who knows what could've happened in that time? Identity theft anyone? To the Samaritan, Thank you, thank you. 

To the MPD that called the Orange PD and dispatched an officer to my house. This may be the kind of thing that good officers do everyday in their job but for me, it meant the world. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness and your good will. I won't forget it.

Thanks for posting this.  Just another great example of what is so right with our communities.

Love it. Thank you! Needed that.

thank you for posting  very glad your daughter is ok and you got your wallet!  Nice to hear about the caring cooperation between 2 neighboring police departments!

As good as the deed, so is your deed for posting this and encouraging others to be as good. 

 rolleyes I had a Newark detective stop by my house with my driver's license that had fallen out of my purse in the Fine Fare parking lot.  He even came to the back door when it was obvious that the front door bell wasn't working and no one heard him knock.  

I have my own reasons for thanking the South Orange Police Department today, but due to privacy of those involved, I will just say they were on top of things in  minutes, with care and concern, to avert a terrible tragedy.

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