The aircraft carrier

I find few things more interesting than military videos.  The aircraft carrier, a floating city with an airport on top, is one of my favorites. Watch what your money makes.  

My father was in the Navy and worked on aircraft carriers. He tested the catapults and arresting gear. Growing up my sisters and I had no idea what that meant! Carriers are pretty darn amazing.

Watching the Ford hasn't been fun.  5 billion over budget, and commissioned without working catapults or ammunition hoists.  Expecting another 5 billion to complete.  But they just ordered the next two in the class 

My uncle helped design the arresting gear. 

Part of his process (way pre-computer-simulation) was to take a model of the carrier, spread talc over the top of it, and play notes on a violin to see how various vibrations would be expected to move across the top of the ship.

(i am so not an engineer & have no idea about any further details/purposes, no use asking me)

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