Thanksgiving Week Weather

Wed 11/17

Just to let you know I am watching multiple storm signals next week. At this time, it is too early to to forecast the location of these two systems. Timing brackets Thanksgiving, with the first system passing by or through Mon - Tues and the second at the end of the week.

Currently, most of the global modeling has both storms in this complex system miss our immediate area either north or offshore. This could change, but I won't feel confident about any sort of trend until at the least Friday 11/19.

These signals are the start of a longer weather pattern that likely will bring more unsettled weather for the next month or more.

Thurs 11/18 update

The signal for a storm Sun - Mon is weakening here but is not gone. There is still significant variability between models and runs but the overall trend is for showers or rain (but not snow) and keeps the worst of the weather offshore. Still not confident in this forecast, though, so we will keep an eye on it. Also potential for some gusty winds later on Monday that may impact flying to some extent.

Thurs - Friday next week still very much up in the air.

I hope that this doesn't affect the Turkey Drop!

Friday, 11/19 

The models are coming into a decent consensus on next week, and the forecast is for normal (as in, no storm) weather.   

Sunday night into Monday should be rainy, but with only +/- 1/2 inch falling, little to no disruption, and no snow.  Breezy Tuesday.  Chance of frost. 

Although it is far out, there is currently little signal for significant weather late in the week. 

This being the case, this will be my last post on the week unless things change.  Have a happy and fulfilling holiday.

Thanks, Max!!  You too. 

(And here's to hoping we don't have any more of your posts on the holiday week weather!)

Soul_29 said:

I hope that this doesn't affect the Turkey Drop!

Oh the Humanity!!

Happy Thanksgiving all.  Let's be grateful for good weather enabling good get togethers of family and friends.  Safe travels to all who are traveling for the holiday.

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