Spotted Lantern Fly.. DEP doesn't answer the phone.

I was at my friend's house today. She has 3 infected trees. She made attempts during the last three days to call D.E.P. about it. Nobody picks up the phone.

They are all over the tree... about 150 of 'em. They look like roaches attached to the tree. Touch them, and they fly away. They leave a disgusting, slimy mess at the base of the trees.

Exterminator sprayed them. No effect. She is calling the bug guy back on Monday.

looks like they're becoming a real problem locally

joy said:

Just please don't use sticky paper - they trap bird and they die a most horrible death -

 Alternatively, they mostly get stuck on the bottom edge while climbing up.  If you use sticky paper you can use a thin strip, less than a 1/4”’wide, which will catch the spotted lantern fly and not birds.  

I question if they’re actually Spotted Lantern Flies if they look like roaches...

Did they look anything like this? 

spontaneous said:

Did they look anything like this? 


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