SOMA’s Colorful Dinner Delivery: Yum

We had been meaning to try one of Colorful’s weekly offerings — “plant-based dinner, delivered to your door” — for a while now, and a recent promo in The Village Green finally got us to take the plunge. We didn’t expect to make it a habit, but after the winter-squash curry and the chickpea meatloaf burgers, we’ve already lined up our third order in a row.

You place your order a week in advance, choosing from the two entree specials, and delivery is Tuesday afternoon (or pick up on Wednesday at the Yellow Rose Vegan Bakery & Cafe on Ridgewood Road at the Maplewood/South Orange border). So far, the home preparation has involved reheating, plus boiling noodles for the curry or briefly sauteeing greens for the burgers. Like 15 minutes total.

For two people, the cost runs $21 each, but our next order, for four, suggests that the per-person price goes down from there. The quality, portions and convenience, not to mention the happy chance to broaden our carniverous palates, have been well worth it.

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