Seder menu?

Just wondering what's new, what's different this year... I need some GF nut-free vegan options including for the Plate. It's always useful to grab ideas from what others are trying ;-)

My mushroom pàte, 7-veg borscht and pareve choc mousse have been requested this year.

Moroccan carrot salad was a big hit when I made it last year.

Also, we use a large beet, instead of the shank bone.

What great ideas - thank you! Because of my nut and grape issues, I have to make a different charoseth. This year, it's based on coconut, apples, bananas, fresh ginger, cinnamon.

What about main course proteins? Any ideas?

In case it is helpful for altering daily recipes, I found the following measurements in Joan Nathan's "The Jewish Holiday Kitchen" cookbook:

1 cup regular flour = 1/4 cup matzah cake meal
1 cup regular flour = 3/4 cup potato starch

1/2 cup regular flour = 2 Tablespoons matzah cake meal
1/2 cup regular flour = 6 Tablespoons potato starch

Also, this vegetable kugel looks great -

Here's a Pinterest board with 25 Vegetarian Mains for Passover -

@joanne for Rosh hashanah we have been doing a grilled leg of lamb. We make it then because it has been too hot to heat the kitchen up with a brisket cooking all day but it really seems like it is suited for a sedar. We get it butterflied at Whole Foods, smoosh on an herb-rub and just grill outside. So easy and no clean-up!

I actually have made these Grilled Portobello Mushrooms - very yummy! (You'll have to change the oil and vinegars if you are strictly kosher for Passover...)

This dish is amazing and is a staple on my Thanksgiving Table - you don't need nearly all the Romesco Mayo it makes, but that stuff is a magical leftover!

For more protein, this quinoa dish (not sure why in the world quinoa is ok during Passover, while beans, corn, soy, nuts and probably other non-bread-stuff isn't, but whatever...) I'd add feta to this recipe:

Spicy Quinoa, Cucumber and Tomato Salad

pdg, quinoa is a berry not a grain, and is harvested in a way that (apparently) doesn't garner the kinds of yeast-molds that legume processing and grain processing do. Apparently. As someone who relies on it for Pesach, I'm not arguing! :-D I have enough challenges being able to use soy milk (coconut milk in coffee is AWFUL)

That recipe looks amazing (except for the tomatoes, for me).

I forgot to plan my fish - and now there's a wild barramundi shortage, and of course with Good Friday, the other fish are in just as high demand! (been busy planning the seders, and vegan options for the others; forgot about food for the week for we two, and we're normal but for allergies)

Quinoa is a berry!? Huh - learn something new every day!


I was surprised too! But then, I'm a nerd, and read the fine print in the added notes to Passover Guidelines each year. That gem came out a couple of years back, when the ruling was explained. It's harvested similarly to the way small-droppers harvest blueberries, I think.

Passover Meal | Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren't You Embarrassed:

I just reread this thread and realized you said vegan! I am SO sorry for suggesting the leg of lamb. How silly.

I am looking for a relatively easy dessert. Anyone have anything they's recommend?

Cait and Abby's flourless chocolate cake (I made one myself one year, and realized it was not worth the work as it was almost as expensive)!

Livingston Shoprite has kosher for Passover sorbet that I'm serving with mixed berries and matzah granola from a new local business

Both my sister and I are serving stewed pears at different seders - I'm doing mine in quarters or eights with fresh ginger and cinnamon. Very simple and easy.

The community seder I'm going to for first night is serving a first-fruits platter from which you can help yourself (in our case, here in the sub-tropics, there will be persimmons, pomegranates, custard apples, some of the crisper autumnal fruits and citrus, and some melons).

My mother always served a French style apple compote (not a smooth apple sauce), lightly flavoured with lemon and cinnamon, to settle over-full stomachs. And she always had a branch of dried muscatel grapes and some almonds on the table so people could nibble on those instead of eating a more formally served dessert.

Of course, my classic rich chocolate mousse (pareve, because it's just edel bitter and eggs) has been requested for the community seders; it's the alternative to the fruit. Rabbi can't help himself in the face of chocolate!!

Goldilocks, it's OK - lamb is traditional, and it sounds lovely.
I nearly bought a small roast from a new kosher supplier yesterday, until I saw the price... just can;t afford it this week. We'll stick with the almost-vegetarian plan for now, adding fish and making my own white cheese...

I usually make a rack of lamb and then use it as the shank bone so that there is no mutiny of the hungry while doing the Seder. We are non observant, so I have no idea if that is acceptable. We also played Passover Bingo this year.

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