Random landscapes

Your pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. 

Where was the double cascading waterfall pic taken? 

Kyoto, moss garden

Sweetsnuggles said:

Where was the double cascading waterfall pic taken? 

 Morris County, park off of Rt 15.  by Tripod Rocks.

dave said:

Kyoto, moss garden

 That's something I would enjoy seeing.

Sunrise Nantucket Island.

dano said:

Sunrise Nantucket Island.


since I’m retired, I don’t plan to get any sunrise pictures anytime soon.

I love the ones where you’ve incorporated just a tiny part of a bridge into them. But all of the photos are Just gorgeous!

Undisclosed ME locale.

St. Michael’s Farm

Hopewell nj

Two more from St Michaels. —- it was an orphanage until the 1950’s

While not quite a landscape, the Golden Hour” was really golden in Penna today

I got off 78 to pursue any opportunity to use the light.

This is what I got before sunset.

Great picture - you’re right, REALLY golden!

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