Question about watching downloaded movies on Non Apple TV without wifi...

Here is my question, and I will try to be very specific since there are several diversions that can lead one to a solution that doesn't work.  I am just trying to get an answer and have tried googling ad nauseum, as well as tried a few products which did not work. 

I want to watch downloaded movies.   I can download movies from netflix onto my phone, but I cannot seem to then view them on a tv.  I know netflix coded their downloads a few years back so that this very thing is not allowed, but on the netflix site itself it tells me I can do that and refers me to some lightning products. 

I have tried one and it didn't work.  I need to watch content I can download to my iphone on my tv, without streaming, using a HDML cable and some sort of lightning adapter, but not sure which or even if it will work at all.   Can anyone help?   

There are issues that are specific to netflix, but if netflix is not workable, are there other options for downloading movies and tv content to my iphone and then watching on non apple tv?  Again, no wifi.  I don't mind paying...I just want to be able to view this way as opposed to buying dvds.

I have a lightning to HDMI adapter that I've used to stream video from my iPhone to the HDMI inputs in my car's built-in displays. I bought one at the Apple Store. It worked fine for me when I streamed from the iPhone, but I had downloaded a 4K movie onto the iPhone which wouldn't play with this setup. I'd guess a regular HD download would work but not 4K? When I attempted to play the video, a message asked if I'd like to stream instead, I said yes and it worked. I'm sure it would play recordings on a TV, but I'm not sure which formats would work. HD should work fine?

I don't understand.  It only worked for you when you streamed, which is using wi fi right?   

I was able to download a show in Netflix and play it on a TV using Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter (it looks to be the same thing pictured above).

It's possible the problem you had was with you purchasing a cheaper (and likely much cheaper, as this thing is $50) adapter from Amazon, but buying non-Apple adapters is a risky business, so I usually don't bother.

OK.  Yes this is helpful.  The one I bought was non apple.  I am going to try this then.  

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