PSE&G scam?

Just got a call from some kind of call center. Caller said because I was a long-time PSE&G customer in good stead with the company I would get a discount but I needed to verify a number on my bill. When I expressed skepticism about volunteering any information and asked him to give me the numbers first so I could verify his numbers, he grew testy and said it was the "final day" and the "final call" for the discount. The customer service number at PSE&G is closed today but wonder if anyone either knew anything more about this and/or just giving folks a heads up.

With Public Service there are no discounts...........What you see is what you get. Other than an offer in writing

on their stationary , there are no free or discounted Killowats

It's definitely not PSE&G, the utility. They would not call you, and the utility itself wouldn't be giving you a discount on your gas or electricity like that.

That having been said - it might be a scam, or it also could be a marketing gimmick from an alternative energy provider. In other words, some company that wants to be your alternative gas or electricity supplier (provided through your PSE&G wires) might want to know your usage in order to know what "deal" to offer you. But, whether it's a scam or a marketing gimmick, I'd just ignore them either way. If you really want to "shop around" for a discount on your gas or electricity, there are ways to do it yourself instead of by responding to marketers who call you.

So despite the telemarketer named Shawn insisting that yesterday was the final day of the discount, he called again today. He again refused to give me the number first that he wanted to verify and I told him I'd call him back after I spoke to PSE&G and he hung up abruptly. PSE&G finally got back to me after i had to wrestle with their robo system and the woman said it was probably a company that was going to offer me lower rates for 3-6 months than jack up the prices. She did confirm that there was no way it was a caller from PSE&G....Strangely enough she didn't even want the number of the caller to follow up, saying they already had all the numbers of these companies..

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If "Shawn" calls again remind him he should have listened when he was told to stay off drugs and stay in school. No mercy for those meth heads. They know they're ripping people off.

If you are ever suspicious that a caller is a scammer, ask for his company's phone number. That will get him off right quick.

likely a 3rd party fuel company trying to switch you over to them....once you give them the PSEG number, they can use that to change to their product.

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