Parental Medicsl Insurance Coverage?

always allowed until 23 (25?) or only if a FT student? If not a FT student, what age can parent still carry until?

I thought under ACA, it was up to age 26?

Up to age 26 regardless of student status.  (Prior to ACA, I believe it was 19, with an extension to 23 or 24 for full time students only.)

Optical and dental coverage may not be included for non-students, who can be covered by a COBRA policy.

thank you. Indications are pointing to the end of what has been a dismal try at college for my nephew. LOL At least I won’t have to worry about his physical health.

his father doesn’t carry optical or dental not sure why. It just cost him $1,500 for little kids dental work. I would have expected as a USPS employee he’d have decent dental but he has none at all. Luckily, older nephew has excellent teeth. I don’t think he even has a cavity. Little nephew (8) needed three fillings and a root canal ( on top of the three cavities he already had a few years ago)- yikes!

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