Old UPromise accounts...

Thanks to a FaceBook reminder, I just went and checked on the old UPromise account that I started 12 or 15 years ago when this was a thing.  Since I never got their credit card, or linked in other family members, I never built up a big balance or started a linked 529, and hadn't had an email from them in a few years.

But the account was still there, had $140 in it, and in a couple of clicks I requested that it be sent to me as a check.  Just passing this along since others may also have lost track of old small amounts in the program.

I had this! How do you check it?

Thanks so much.  My $23 is on its way!

Go to the website and log in....

conandrob240 said:

I had this! How do you check it?

not that simple. Definitely used old email, old credit card. Going to have to call

Mine still works. I'm going to keep that $14 in there and just added my Stop and Shop card.

We have had a U Promise account for both our children, ages 17 & 14 since they were born. My wife and I have also had a U Promise credit card, mine is linked to our oldest's account, my wife's is for our youngest. I would urge anyone with small children to look into this. In the 16+ years that we've held the credit cards, U Promise has contributed in excess of $5,000 into the children's 529 plans. I realize $5,000 may only pay for the kid's books, but better than nothing.

that's actually awesome. Heck 4 years of books is nothing to sneeze at!

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