My stock delisted from the NASDAQ and the FTSE 100, what now?

It still trades in London; it is trading with On the NASDAQ it has a price for today, but there is no other information. I tired selling it on Scottrade, but it will not accept the order because there are no prices for the stock! The ticker for the adr is anfgy, and in London it trades with the ticker anto. Has anyone encountered this problem? it delisted 7/22/16 and I never received any notification.

Could lack of notification be due to your problem with receiving your mail? If you have a phone number for stock holder relations at the company or can access a contact us link for them on line, I would contact them and ask. Another possibility would be to contact the person/company that sold you the stock. They should have the information you need.

The company is trading in the OTC under a different ticker: antgf instead of antgy after the delisting. This is a copper company, and the entire industry is hurting from prices which have been cut in half as a result of the China downturn. The Chilean press says that Antofagasta is selling one of its mines, that they have cut costs, and their EBITDA is up 39% from last year. I will have to read the info very carefully before deciding whether or not to hold on to the stock. I knew that the company was not making any money, the copper story is in the Chilean news 24 hrs/day, but I thought that they would survive and make a comeback. I always expected to hold on to the stock for several years, but now I am not sure.

This is a lesson on staying informed, and not from the company, but from the analysts and to get connected to info on the wires. Had I been getting alerts from Bloomberg, for example, I would have known about the delisting in time to make more timely decisons. Live and learn. There is a first for everything.

Your stock is traded now on what they call "pink sheets". Once it gets delisted, your company gets a new ticker symbol and can be traded OTC. It is considered a penny stock as the company is too small or doesn't meet the requirements of the NASDAQ anymore. A stock doesn't just get delisted overnight. The company has been warned in advance that they are at risk of being delisted.

The stock still trades in London, it is an ADR, and that was the reason that it was on the NASDAQ. It is in the OTC market, and I assume that it is on the BB. The company has a market cap of 1.7 Billion dollars, so I don't think that it is a penny stock, but what do I know. I suspect that it was delisted because the volume of shares trades is non existent. Here is an interview of the CEO on 8/16/16:

As I stand today it looks as if the company is OK, but my stock may be out of buyers. Scottrade deleted my sell order.

Penny Stock - US term for low-priced (typically from $10 to $5 and sometimes as low as $1, but not a penny) issues floated commonly by oil, gas, gold or other prospecting firms with little or no real assets, firms with short, erratic, or no track record of earnings, or once-good firms that have fallen on hard times and are ripe for sale. Their attraction lies in the potential for high percentage returns if the venture succeeds or the firm is takenover, but the speculative nature of underlying enterprise causes wild swings in their market prices.Read more:

When I bought it, it wasn't a penny stock, and since there is no market for the ADR, it is difficult to say how much it is worth. I hope, something. I will call investors relations on Monday if I have time, if not Tuesday for sure.

I show Antofagasta trading today as a Pink Sheet under the symbol ANFGF. The Bid is $6.66, the Ask is $6.87. This is the only US ticker for Antofagasta.

Just an FYI, Penny stocks can trade for pennies, meaning prices under $1. They trade as Pink Sheets or OTCBBs. Better known as OTC Bulletin Board stocks.

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