My son needs a job

My son (in his mid-thirties) lost his job as an editor with a small publishing house over a year ago. He has not been successful in finding any jobs, publishing or otherwise. Does anyone know of any job opportunities that he can consider? He has hit rock bottom. Thanks.

I know a guy (early 50s) who lost his job as a financial journalist last year, he is now substitute teaching and pursuing his teaching certification.

Not saying this path would work for your son (it may not even work for my friend) but there are a lot of options out there. 

But to give more than general suggestions here, I think more info is needed. What kind of editor was he? What is he looking for now? What is his flexibility in terms of career change? I think the more info you give, the better feedback you will get.

Does he like people or kids--especially with disabilities?  What are his interests?  Does he want a desk job only?   Is he looking for a minimum salary?   Is he only interested in another editing job or open to career change?  As others have mentioned, some more information would help. 

Does he have familiarity with academic editing (for example APA style)? If so, he may find some consulting work at local colleges/universities while he considers other opportunities. I've known professors and students  (especially non-native English speakers) who have had editors revise their work before submitting research article manuscripts and papers.

A lot of journalists have transitioned to doing communications for the administrative side of colleges and universities (media/press relations, website content etc.). One advantage is they're in every geographic region. Perhaps he can network in that world.

Has he considered working at Target?  It doesn't have to be permanent, but its better than nothing until a professional job comes along.

I used to get a lot of copyediting, proofreading, and website QA work through this agency. They deal with some big companies in the area, including ADP and Martindale-Hubbell, and the pay is pretty good.

Can you tell us more about his background? Anything technical/scientific? How about marketing, advertising, SEO, etc.? 

Would he consider relocating to DC? Great job market there.

Best wishes to your son. I had a long, tough dry spell after I moved to NJ right at the beginning of the recession.

Has he looked in the nonprofit sector? See below--scroll down the list for a variety of editing positions.

jmitw said:
Has he considered working at Target?  It doesn't have to be permanent, but its better than nothing until a professional job comes along.

On a similar note, and regarded as especially good employers that pay well, Trader Joe's and Costco.  Costco aggressively promotes from within.  My favorite story:  a young woman w/associates degree started as an accounting clerk and became the wine buyer for the entire company in not too long (and she had no idea she was/could be good at it--or any clear goal at all).

There is a Facebook group called SOMa Advertising, Media, and Entertainment.  It's a networking group for local folks that "work in the fields of advertising, television, media, and entertainment."

I don’t have specific advise to offer.  Just want to wish your son well and encourage him to hang in there and stay positive.  

So, did he ever find a job?

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