Millburn coming back to life

Ms. bikefixed and I walked into town last night as we tried to talk about Keegan's end of life plans. Anyway, we weren't planning on a late dinner but as we passed Basilico on Millburn Ave we saw there was actual dining happening. We said hello to one of the waiters and said how happy we were to see them up and running again. It turns out, they said it was their reopening night. Sold!

Basilico isn't our go to spot but we couldn't resist so I trotted back home to get her favorite pinot grigio while she ordered appetizers. It felt good to support a place that must have worked their fingers to the bone for a month to come back. You can see in one of the pics how they are right across from Goldberg's and that alley where the river gushed out onto the street.

The outside tables in the little alley were cute. It looked a little like some out of the way alley bistro in some European village. At least that's what we could convince ourselves of once the wine was gone. It was quiet and the bugs weren't out. All in all a nice lucky surprise.

Wait ... Keegan? It's time? So sorry.

kthnry said:

Wait ... Keegan? It's time? So sorry.

 We don't know what we'll do but we cannot bear to let him go.

So sorry to hear about Keegan.  You have given him such a great life.  

You are a kind person to focus on celebrating the return of Basilico while dealing with a difficult situation.

Let's hope the Covid numbers continue to go in the positive direction they have been in in recent weeks.     We all need it psychologically and economically. 

BF so sorry to hear about Keegan. We went through it recently as well and I know Keegan has been a big part of your lives for a long time. 

I only ate at basilico once before this spring/summer. I had been checking Open Table and looking at menus. They are one of the few italian restaurants that note GF. We had two excellent meals there before the storm and I look forward to going back. Our food was perfectly prepared and service was great. 

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