MGC Speaker’s Program: “Won't You Bee My Neighbor?”

Adriana Compagnoni became a beekeeper in 2012 with two hives and a lot of enthusiasm. Having over 20 years of academic experience in computer science and being an avid gardener, she approaches beekeeping with a scientist’s eye and a gardener’s mind. Because of the susceptibility of bees to pesticides, the synergy between gardening and beekeeping leads to environmentally friendly gardening practices. Join Maplewood Garden Club on Monday, April 4, at 7:30 p.m. when Adriana will share fun facts about bees that she learned in her years of beekeeping, some little-known facts about bees and beekeeping, and recommendations on what suburban gardeners can do to help the bees. Adriana’s presentation will follow a brief business meeting and conclude with a Q&A session. For meeting details, please go to MGC’s website,

Adriana Compagnoni is a long-time SOMA resident. Her bees forage in the South Mountain Reservation, stopping at their favorite flowers in the yards and trees of SOMA. The honey her bees produce won Best in Extracted Honey Division at the New Jersey Honey Show in 2020. Using the surplus of honey and beeswax the bees produce, Adriana also offers top-quality soaps, lip balm, and other cosmetic products, which have earned numerous awards at the New Jersey Honey Show over the years, including Best in Cosmetics Division four years in a row. To learn more, visit

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