Math tutor--preferably h.s. student

We're looking for a math tutor, preferably a strong h.s. student to tutor our 8th grader now in Algebra I.  He's usually strong in math but having some stumbles and we'd like someone to help him with greater consistency.  In the past, different kid, we used a CHS student, but I don't recall how we hooked up with him.

If you don't find a HS Student to work with your son, I'd be happy to do it. I am a 7th grade Science Teacher. I have an 8th Grader in Algebra I at MMS who I have been helping and currently has a 95 average, so I'm familiar with the curriculum. I tutor to supplement my teaching salary. Feel free to PM me.

The teachers in the district have access to a list of student tutors that have been recommended by their CHS teachers.  My daughter did this when she was at CHS.  So, if you haven't done so already, I would definitely ask the teacher or contact the math supervisor.

My 12yo is being tutored in Algebra 1 through the Achieve Foundation. Her tutor is a high schooler and is wonderful. If you'd like, I can ask him if he's doing any tutoring outside of Achieve. Send me a PM.

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