Lost Cat - Walton/Kendal Area

Please help bring Murray the cat back home. He went missing from the Walton/Kendal area of Maplewood at some point on Tuesday. His people think that he may have been spooked by the thunderstorm and gotten lost.

Murry is a portly brown/gray tabby. Please keep an eye out for this
beautiful, lovable kitty. He is rotund, very soft, extremely loving and
not at all street smart.

I'm attaching the poster that we've created. Any help/tips would be wonderful. His family and friends miss him very much.

I just posted this on my Facebook page.  Did you actually see him get out?  Many cats have been found inside the house in the most obscure places.  Fingers crossed Murray shows up soon.

Hope your cat show up. Ours disappeared for 5 days. I think he was living under our deck. He was known to spend 2-3 days behind some old built ins that he could jump behind and hang out between the walls. My sister's indoor cat was gone for two months and showed up one day at her front door. 

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