Looking for HANDYMAN

Can anyone recommend a reliable, good handyman who I can hire to to some small jobs around my house?....Hopefully they have reasonable prices and I can afford to call upon them now as well as in the future. If so, would you mind sharing their name/ number with me?


I have helped many MSO residents, ranging from hanging pictures & mirrors, to furniture assembly, deck repairs, patching holes in the walls and fixing bad clothes dryer vent lines.  

For a list of jobs done recently, please see www.fairorchids.com/Tomcat-Home-Repairs

I will send you a PM with my rates.

Joe Biden?

Actually, if you are just looking for someone to fix your stuff, tomcat is great. I highly recommend. 

Another vote here for Tomcat. And he's just a great guy all around.


You got a phone number or email?  thanks


All my contact details are on my web site:  www.fairorchids.com/Tomcat-Home-Repairs.php

When I busy, I do not check email every day, so a text msg to cell phone is best.  Sending you PM with #

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