LAELA Has Returned HOME!!!!!

Our cute white cockapoo (about 35 pounds) named LAELA (pronounced Layla), has been missing since around 6:30 tonight (Wednesday). She was last seen between South Harding Drive and The Top, near the reservoir on Wyoming. She escaped after a bath and wasn’t wearing her collar or tags but she is NOT homeless.  Please call 973.477.6985.

Unfortunately no!  Please spread the word . . .Thank you.

Posters are up!  Please help us find Laela . . . Spread the word!   :-(

There is a web site that posts pictures and info. on lost and found dogs, it has been mentioned here on MOL a few times. Maybe go to the pets and animals thread to see if you can find it. Sorry, can't remember the name. Good luck, hope you get your baby back!

is she microchipped?  I assume you are calling, checking can even call the PD and ask if anyone reported of found her.

Thank you all for your suggestions and good wishes.  This is our friend's dog and we just spent the evening combing the reservation, dog park, posting signs and spreading the word.  The owners have done the same and posted on Pawboost, contacted animal control, the local police and anyone walking a dog. No, she is not chipped.  We are hopeful that someone has brought her in to their home and will see a flier and return her!

Thank you all for spreading the word, we will keep you updated!  

Since she is not chipped, make sure you contact the shelter/PD daily......rather than hope they remember someone called earlier about her.

jmitw- Thanks a million!  I will pass it on . . .

Don't forget to notify local veterinarians since this is the first place someone finding the dog might take him/her.  Include a picture since some will post images of missing dogs.  Also, if dog could reasonably have been expected to wander across the town border, be sure to notify police, animal control, and local shelters/rescue groups in those towns as well.  Good luck!

Still missing . . .  :-(

Someone once suggested asking local school children for help in finding a lost dog. Since South Mountain School is so close to where the dog was last seen, perhaps getting permission to post a flier by the school, having neighbors with school age children to keep an eye open for the dog and tell their friends to do do the same could help.

Have there been any sightings? 

Just saw this on facebook. Can't tell if it is the same dog but does not hurt to check.

"Dog found wandering in backyards along Lenox Ave, Ridgewood Rd, and Cedar Ln near the boarder of Maplewood/South Orange. He/she is not willing to come to people."

maybe you should call the phone number? Person is probably not checking back here.

I just called the woman who's Laela's guardian and sent the Facebook page to her.  This dog is wearing a collar, though, which I mentioned to her.  

The lost dog of this thread was not wearing a collar when she escaped. This poor guy, I hope someone is able to capture him.

Yes, because of the collar, I'm guessing that this dog is not Laela, but I have sent her guardian the photo to eliminate the possibility.    

It's confirmed -- not Laela, unfortunately.  

Sorry, just back to a computer. Unfortunately no .  . that is not Laela.  But thank you all!

Once again Thank You All for being our eyes and ears!  So many friends and neighbors have been scouring the reservation, SO/Map, shelters, animal hospitals, etc. putting up fliers, monitoring websites and spreading the word. I would like to take this time to answer the comments and questions all of you have taken the time to type:

Joan- Yes, children are a wonderful resource. We will try to get over to the school during pickup to distribute fliers and spread the word. Thank you for your many comments and ideas.

bli- There have been calls, but no actual, confirmed sightings. :-(

With that said, we all feel that Laela is alive and possibly in the area or an adjoining community.  Here are a few facts about Laela:

* She is an 8 years old, female cockapoo about 35 lbs. (the above photo is very accurate)

* She is very friendly - which leads us to believe she would easily approach a stranger. 

* She was walked daily throughout the reservation, Newstead and both sides of South Orange Ave & Harding/Wyoming area - this leads us to believe she would be able to find her home if she was loose in the immediate area.

* On the day she was lost (6:30pm), she had just been bathed (why she has no collar) and was let out for a moment to do her peeps. She chased a deer. Within 10 minutes she had vanished from the area.

* There is currently a Reward for her return with No Questions Asked.

* She is incredibly loved by her family and they are devastated by her absence!

We all plan to continue the search (spreading the word) for however long it takes to find her.  We remain optimistic that whoever has Laela will return her to her family!

Thank You All . . . It Takes a Village!

Patty (Friend of Laela's Family)

This may sound wild, but News 12 has been the most animal friendly network dealing with very local issues. Kane in Your Corner has worked with my friends and I have spoken several times with Karin Attonito. She is wonderful so its worth a try! They covered our fight against the East Orange pound so no issue is too small. And if you organize some teams, I would definitely go with someone to the Reservation.

If not already done, are flyers posted at the local train stations? From SO to Milburn, would catch the attention of a lot of people.


Yes, done. Thanks 

Last night a group of friends went door to door around the area where she disappeared.  We are also pursuing Morganna's wonderful lead with CH 12 news.  Thank you all for being our eyes and ears! 

Friends of Laela's

happyman said:


Yes, done. Thanks 

Last night a group of friends went door to door around the area where she disappeared.  We are also pursuing Morganna's wonderful lead with CH 12 news.  Thank you all for being our eyes and ears! 

Friends of Laela's

Please let me know when you reach them. Or PM me and I'll send a message to Karen myself. Love News 12. They went after the vet Dr. Kimani Griffith, who South Orange used to work with before we exposed him.

Also try ACO's and Police in neighboring towns. I saw your post at Dr. Stack's. Did you reach out to the nice ACO from Milburn? His name is Ralph and he often pays to spay found cats out of his pocket. Don't know where he will be taking animals after Stack leaves.  And the Police in Livingston seem to run their holding facility. I think Verona is using Montclair so worth a call to them. West Orange has there own ACO so also worth a call. The last foster I took from Stack, his client found in West Orange.

To reach Alex Caprio pound in West Orange try calling around 4 when they open.

Livingston pound did not have public hours.

Montclair had a fire do not sure where ACOs are taking them. (We did ask South Orange to rent them temp space but they rented to a fitness center. Priorities?

just saw on the family Facebook page that Layla has been FOUND!  She showed up on the doorstep this morning, tired, dirty, but happy to be home!  So happy for happyman and his family!

Thank you for posting this.  If the OP reads this or if someone can contact the OP, please ask them to edit the thread title to reflect that the dog has returned home.

That is such good news!! To bad she can't talk and tell of her adventure.

so happy to hear this great news!!

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