What's the general consensus on electricity provider for Millburn/SH area? I have PSE&G but notice that most folks in Millburn have JCPL. Any idea of the difference/benefits of one vs. the other? I know during Hurricane Sandy JCPL was slower to act than PSE&G

Here is what I heard, don't know if true or not, that JCPL starts customers out with lower price to compete with PSE&G, then raises them. And yes after Sandy they were slower to restore power, than PSE&G.

You don't have a choice as to which one provides the wire going into your home (absent some unusual circumstances, such as a property that straddles the service territory of two wires companies). If you're unhappy with the response time for restoring power, you can't pick a different company. You can complain to the Board of Public Utilities, however.

You do have a choice from among electricity providers (as in, who you pay for the electricity, vs. who you pay for the wire that brings it to you). But, those providers don't service the wires, can't restore your power if your wires company isn't doing it fast enough.

Here's something interesting: The borough of Madison is the local power company. After Sandy, they worked really hard and brought the power back up completely. They had a complete inventory of equipment, what was working, what wasn't working, and where each worker was. Food for thought.

I wasn't thrilled about being without power after after Hurricane Sandy, but given the magnitude of damage in the area, I wasn't shocked that it took a week to get power restored. I wish the communication would have been better. In the near to medium term, I would think about installing a generator if you don't want to live with occasional power disruptions

It doesn't sound like there's any discernible difference based on the comments so far, outside of savings (maybe?)

Have had service from both in the past (different houses). With jcp&l, we definitely experienced more outages (including on clear, sunny days, including a number of transformers blown, squirrels, tree branches) and longer fix times. Just for a feeling that their maintenance is inferior to PSE

woodstock93 said:
It doesn't sound like there's any discernible difference based on the comments so far, outside of savings (maybe?)

I don't see how there could be a discernible difference. Electrons are pretty generic.

Tom - I speaking from a service standpoint, not "electrons"

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