HS language question

Kid is a freshman (Millburn HS).  Thinking about switching languages to Latin next year.  I've heard that schools look for 4 years of the same language. I'm also not sure how taking a non-verbal language exclusively will look on transcript. Won't be looking at top tier schools but want to make sure she is not hurting her chances anywhere (as I go through the college search with her sister it is on my mind!).  Oh and guidance counselor has not been helpful.


Just my opinion, but I think being able to show that she took advantage of an opportunity to learn Latin and explore a challenging new (and somewhat unusual, and useful) subject outweighs an edge that might come from taking matched set of French courses (or whichever). 

IIRC, she will have a chance later on to take a literature class taught in her current language, if that interests her. 

No college would look poorly upon Latin. Besides, if she continues with it, she'll have three years of Latin by the time she graduates. 

If you want to check the requirements for any college, check out the college's Common Data Set. Section C-5 shows the admission requirements and recommendations. Here's the CDS for Rutgers. They require two years of foreign language, except for School of Environmental & BioScience, Engineering, or Nursing.  Here's the CDS for SUNY Binghamton. They require three years of one language or two years each of two languages. Princeton recommends four years, but they don't list anything in the "required" column. Northwestern recommends two years. 

ok thanks, this is helpful.  I know what my older daughter's prospective schools require but they are probably less academically challenging than those for dd#2.  I'll give her the information and advise her to try to stick with whatever she picks next year.

I took Latin myself and loved it but i used it as an elective along with 4 years of French.

I vote for living in the moment and getting the maximum benefit in the present rather than the future. She'll get into a good college having taken any mix of languages.

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