HOA Fees on a Condo

are HOA fees typically deductible in whole or part? Mine do not include property taxes. And in 2017 it was a second home but not a rental.


not deductible at all as primary or second home..............

Well, mortgage interest and taxes are so that’s why I was wondering. I guess it’s different with a co-op because those Maine fees include property taxes?

new207040 said:

not deductible at all as primary or second home..............

You might not want to count too heavily on mortgage interest and tax deductions under the current trumpery that passes for a tax code.

I understand. I’m not looking at 2018 but filing right now for 2017 so it counts.

The property switches to “rental” for 2018 so I think those are still deductions in the form of “expenses” but we’ll see.

On a co-op your fee pays the mortage on the so to speak common area, and taxes, so a portion is deductible.  

Not the model on a condo.


got it! Thanks for the detail!

Are you sure you can't "put it into service" (tax-talk for when a property becomes a rental) in 2017? It might be beneficial.

well, I didn't rent it in 2017 so not sure

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