Historical Property Tax Info


Wonder if there is a simple way to retrieve the amount of property taxes on a lot in Maplewood for the year 2005?

We lived on Yale Street at the time and now live in East Orange.  So many people ask me how our property taxes compare.  I'd like to have real numbers...  

Is there a way for me to know what the taxes on our property would be today in Maplewood?

I don't remember my "Lot and Block" number I think was the language...

Many Thanks,

Ron Carter

If you look up the property on Zillow, you can see the tax history going back quite a few years (maybe 10?). 

or try a search on


I have access to the tax records which will give me the 2017 taxes.  All i would need is the street number

go to:


And just enter the county, the town and the street name (or the owner name) and there is some of the info you want.

This is what I use-13.state.nj.us/pls/nj

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