Lost a white/brown chihuahua mix with one back leg on Golf Island. His name is Peanut and he escaped his collar while on a walk and ran into the golf course around 6.15pm tonight. He could be heading back to his house on Wyoming or still sheltering around the Golf Island area. He's very timid, but might be tempted out with treats. He's not aggressive at all.

Police have been informed along with SO animal control who have been helping us search. Peanut is chipped, but has no collar.

If anyone finds him, please inform the Maplewood Police Department at (973) 762-3400 and they will contact us.

I would move this from Pets & Animals to Virtual Cafe or Lost & Found. A lot of people block P&A.

kthnry said:

I would move this from Pets & Animals to Virtual Cafe or Lost & Found. A lot of people block P&A.

It's in VC and Please Help. Couldn't find the old Lost and Found category. I'll post it there, too.

No Lost and Found category, so... Bump.

Lost and Found section is back - pinned this thread as well.

Hope you get your dog back soon!

Just saw this notice on Home Again Pet Rescuers. I posted on Twitter. Good luck finding him. I know it's harrowing.

Thanks everyone! And thanks Jamie for pinning it.

Peanut was spotted last night running on Franklin Ave. between Indiana and Prospect Streets. I don't have a time when he was seen yet but if you are in that area, please be on the look out.

I'm so sorry to read about this. I hope you find him very soon.

I also hope that Peanut is found soon. We saw your posting at Linda's Dry Cleaning early this morning, so kept our eyes open while we were walking around Memorial Park today. If you think a formal organized search sometime tomorrow might be helpful - I'm sure lots of people would volunteer.

Given where he was spotted, you might notify Union P.D.

jerseyjack said:

Given where he was spotted, you might notify Union P.D.

You might notify Hilton Neighborhood Association.

Oh no,, I was hoping he was found by now, prayers to St. Frances that he turns up safe and sound soon!

Has he been posted on Next Door? I checked and didn't see it but I don't get anything from Maplewood in my area.

Was on Peanut Patrol this morning with our pup. No sightings in the area around Prospect, Girard, Park, and on down and around Golfcourse Island. Will expand to a new area in the early afternoon.

We've been looking as we walk our dog, too. Didn't see Peanut on Park Road, or in Memorial Park, either at 7:30 a.m. or noon today. LOL Will keep looking.

Posting on social media might help. This covers all of NJ:
There's also a twitter account associated with the Facebook account:

Craigslist is a good place to post, too.

Best of luck finding Peanut.

Hope he is found soon. Thankfully, the weather hasn't been terrible.

The picture was a good one of Peanut. Often when I receive lost pet alerts from Home Again, so many families don't have photo attachments with their description. Peanut did and that makes a big difference.

can't join the search, Ridski, but I will say a prayer that Peanut is found soon.


Saw this a few minutes ago..I am so very sorry LOL

About an hour ago, I had a call from a lovely soul who had the difficult task
of telling me he found Peanut's body. He was found on Springfield Ave
across from Joe's Pizza. We are completely heart-broken. Thank you to
everyone who liked or shared posts,
offered kind words and support, helped search or hang flyers, or
anything else. There are too many people to list, but we are grateful to
every single person in this community.

Ohhhh man. Sorry this turned out as it did.

As we travelled around town (keeping an eye out all the way) I was surprised by the number of flyers. They did their best. They deserved a better outcome and I'm sorry they didn't get it.

Other than calling in the national guard I don't think they could have done more for their dog. I truly hope they are able to take comfort in that.

Just came back to post that, thanks, LL.

Peanut wasn't our dog, but he was staying with us at the time he broke free, so obviously we are also devastated at this loss, and that he was found so close to our home is heart breaking. Thank you to Jamie for making this a sticky here on MOL, and to everyone who searched tirelessly, flyered the whole town and shared the news far and wide across social media and to nearby authorities in search for this sweet dog. The people of this town, and those of the towns surrounding it, are a treasure.

So sorry to hear the news.

so very sorry - may Peanut rest in peace.

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