Help for cracking hands?

Good news is that we have plenty of soap.  The bad news is that my hands are so badly cracked that I am beginning to worry about infection.  I rinse well, use Dr Brown's Vitamin E lotion and address the actual cracks with chapstick but it just gets worse each day.  Suggestions?

Lots of lotion or Vaseline on hands before bed, and then sleep with gloves or mittens. Feels weird, and it will wake you up a few times a night when you can’t grip the sheet or push your hair out of your face, but totally worth it. 

Also, always always always dish gloves when at the kitchen sink. Always. Makes such a difference. Plus, you’ll wash and rinse with much hotter water. 

camille beckman glycerine hand therapy too!

Thin cotton gloves are also good to wear at night after moisturizing. If you do a search on Amazon for “cotton gloves for dry hands”,  you’ll find a variety of plain & special gloves for the purpose. 

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