Going to a different public school

I have heard that you can pay to send your child to an out-of-district public school. Does anyone have experience with this process? I'm particularly interested in sending my child to the Summit school district. I haven't been able to find out any information online. Thank you in advance for your help.

I believe it depends on the district: Some accept out-of-district students on a tuition basis; most don’t. I don’t know if Summit does, but I doubt it would need the revenue.

Here’s a 2015 article on the state’s out-of-district tuition program:


There are also “school choice” districts, which accept nonresident students without tuition. Summit isn’t one of them, but here’s a list:


I doubt that Summit does.  Years ago they dropped a program that allowed staff to pay tuition so their children could attend (which really helped with school breaks, etc.)  The reasoning was overcrowding and the buildings are still filled to capacity.

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