getting out of the stock market?

What are you expecting to happen with the market as of tomorrow?

The Market never bets against money.

Judging from the cabinet nominations, I think tomorrow will be just fine. More of a concern is what will happen to the market if/when some of the promised policies are enacted. Some of these could have a very negative impact on the economy.

I'd say, buy Goldman Sachs. With their new former executives on Gropenfuhrers's staff, plus G.O.P. efforts to dismantle Dodd-Frank, Goldman will have a gold framed, Yuuugggge license to steal.

Buy the stock and you can thank me with a cup of coffee and an English Muffin at Parkwood.

Long-term investments stay put. Recommend total stock market index fund or etf. Choose appropriate allocation for your situation, and pay no attention to the noise. Short-term investments are anyone's guess. Personally, I took a small amount of money off the table in December, mainly to adjust my allocation while the market seemed to be at a peak. But generally speaking, trying to time the market is futile.

truth said:

The Market never bets against money.


I don't know why anyone would expect the Trump presidency to be bad for the big money people.

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