Free Standing Screen Room

I would love to build something like this.  Most screen rooms I see are connected to the house - very rare to see one freestanding.

We never see any gazebos we like - they're always brown or beige.  Any thoughts on the feasibility of something like this?

Here's what we currently use - just can fit many people inside.  We tend to have periods of the summer when the mosquitoes are really bad.  We would love to net in the whole backyard - but that may be a bit trickier.

Simone would also like something we can disassemble.  This makes it a bit trickier as well.   Here's one fabric we would love to use as a drop down fabric in the front: 

Disassemble makes me think a large canopy with screen walls. 

But it sounds like you're looking for something more like a screened in porch that could be taken down and stored for the winter.

How about looking into a small green house and tailoring it to your needs.

Re mosquitos, have you tried setting up some fans around the area (if you can access electricity for them)?  Mosquitos can't stand much breeze at all, so the fans help keep them away AND cool things off a bit.  We always set up a fan or two at the end(s) of our patio when having a backyard party.


  • From a strength/durability perspective, you probably need to leave the 'backbone' of the structure up year round.  You can then re-mount the screens in the spring, and take them down in the fall.
  • From a practical perspective:
    • How large a footprint do you have room for?
    • How large screens can you store in your garage?

Sprout - Large canopy is a bit too weak. 

Morganna - greenhouse is interesting.

Sac - I have tried fans - haven't figure out a good combination with them.  The Asian Tiger variety didn't seem to mind the fans too much.

We do love the umbrella screen enclosure - just need more space.

Tomcat - For the screen I was planning to either use velcro to attach them or snaps.

Here's one idea:

Also - I would like to maximize the space a bit - it's slanted in the back.  The front I was thinking around 12 feet across and 8-10 foot deep.

This one is a bit pricey - but style not too bad:

hmm, I would say it would be pretty permanent.  It does say it can stay up all year round.  Just wish I could see it somewhere in person.

Edited to add - nevermind - it does say wall-mounted.

Maybe play around with PVC: 

Coleman 12-by-10-foot Hex Instant Screened Canopy/Gazebo got mine for $119. It lasted 2 years and I could probably get another season out of it (one of the buttons stopped popping out on the stanchion. Love it irrationally.

hmm, that might be the solution - would like a magnetic doorway and a different color though - I see they do have green or black.  grin

I'm also setting it up on my patio - do not too much room close to it - to stake it into the ground.  Do you think that may be an issue?

i love the first picture. I was thinking of some thing similar. did you love on pinterest. it is amazing so many great outdoor living solutions

jamie said:
hmm, that might be the solution - would like a magnetic doorway and a different color though - I see they do have green or black.  grin
I'm also setting it up on my patio - do not too much room close to it - to stake it into the ground.  Do you think that may be an issue?

 we never had to stake ours.The doorway zips. We set it up on the patio and it was my summer "office." Held a table and six chairs even.

Check Wayfair.  My friend got a nice freestanding one there.

Freestanding = freeflying, if we get heavy winds (such as a summer thunderstorm).  I regularly have to upright both my plant shade table (2'x8', abt 6' tall) and my patio table with the umbrella.

You definitely need it anchored in some way.


Whether you decide on custom (irregular shape), or something ready made (= square or rectangular), I have the tools to anchor 2x4 (or 2x6) pressure treated lumber directly onto the concrete.  You can then build on that foundation (or tie legs of ready-made to it).

for now I ended up with this - will think about something more permanent down the road - but this will do for this season.

also added a cool light feature 


Not a bad solution - even if it is a little smaller than what you had in mind originally.  How is it secured against gusts of wind?

It's 11 x 11 - definitely smaller - but much nicer then what we had and we don't have the pole in the middle to contend with - we have weights in the front - staked in the back.  If a big storm is on the horizon - it breaks down pretty easily.  They say it takes 1 minute to take down or set up.

Still hope to do something more substantial down the road - but I don't foresee my final plans coming together in the near future.

I don't think they will allow that at Maplewoodstock.   That Jamie is pretty strict.  

actually I really liked this model when I saw it at Maplewoodstock

Mine is 11x11 which would be a foot too wide. 

Below is an 11' x 9' screen room-- under $200

What size do you need?  

Do you expect to leave it up 24/7 all summer?

There aqre also vendor canopies that you can add mosquito netting to.

Apollo - if you look a few posts up - you'll see what I ended up getting for this season.  

Just wanted to add here that with some wicked wind and rain we had yesterday - it's still standing.

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