Free Open House of The Secret Garden @ 377!

If you have wondered about my posts from The Secret Garden @ 377 and wanted to see for yourself why so many people from SOMA have downsized to this vertical cooperative community to still be able to garden...

FREE SECRET GARDEN OPEN HOUSE, Saturday, August 13 from 10-3.

If you've been before and want to see the latest stages of the 13 year long project to renew this 60 y/o badly overgrown, 1 acre Italian Style Garden, originally installed in 1955 on the roof of our indoor parking garage, Come on over!

I will be here for plant ID and History and to try to answer your questions.

Happy to show examples of 20 foot monster shrubs, now renewed to 4-6 feet tall. Some of them for the 3rd time!

Our collections include Azalea, Hydrangea, Hosta, Butterfly Bushes, Crepe Myrtle, Iris, many reblooming shrubs and many, many more!

I have learned so much from those in this group over the years and you have played a huge role, offering us many free Oakleaf Hydrangea, Daylilies, Joe Pye Weed, Perennial Hibiscus and more!

Ron Carter

The Secret Garden @ 377

Harrison Park Towers

377 S. Harrison St,East Orange, New Jersey

I will post parking instructions on Friday.

(I am not a realtor and will not be pitching units! raspberry) )

You can only enter through our lobby and masks are required in our building!

Also please feel free to invite friends and or family!

Two photos follow:  The state of things that led to the restoration and renewal and then a photo ten years into the project

Bad timing Ron - we are moving on Aug 12th!

tomcat said:

Bad timing Ron - we are moving on Aug 12th!

You two are welcomed at any time!

Where to?

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