Florida is wide open no corona craziness

restaurants near titusville  wide open....no masks........no problems    70% of ameriKans have the virus and no symptoms.......sorry i meant corona

Define craziness.  Nick any links - what is the reference to spell American with a K?  What's the point of this discussion?

They only had 5,737 new cases on Monday:


Numbers out of Florida are not to be trusted. DeSantis has been cooking the books for a long time.

And what kind of lunatic factoid is this: "70% of ameriKans have the virus"


Who (WHO?) cares what Florida is doing. It's what we are doing here. Save grandma, please, and while you are at it, my innumerate brothers and sisters.

This is just a moronic thread.  Insulting to the doctors and nurses and front line workers who have had their lives turned upside down by people who don't give a **** about anyone else.

It's moronic because the OP is incomprehensible. 

Florida: Just like Hell but with more snakes. More trolls too, apparently.

this thread is indeed in sink mode.  grin 

I wish NY and NJ had been as crazy as Florida -  We would be so much better off.    So sad how many businesses and jobs we killed.  And the kids not meeting in class for school.   The worst politicians and horrible decisions by teachers.  

sbenois said:

Move to Florida.

 AKA Hell's antechamber. 

This is not a way to find a coffee partner.

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