Finance Talk!

Hello, I'm an experienced professional financial writer, currently employed full time, considering a career change into the money management field.

I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and I have followed markets and the economy pretty closely, both for work and personally, for 20+ years. I think I know a reasonable amount about stocks, bonds, interest rates, risk tolerance, investment horizons, the financial services industry, etc. I sometimes counsel family and friends about such topics.

OK, what's my point here?

My point is that I'm like to offer my advice/counsel/feedback on personal finance to anyone who has any questions or wishes an opinion or enlightenment on something. This is ***100% free with no catches whatsoever*** -- I'm doing this solely to help develop my ability to help people with financial topics, which presumably would help me make a career change into wealth management.

If this is of interest to anyone, I figure we can exchange a PM or two so I can find out what you'd like to talk/learn about, and if I can help, I'm happy to meet in the South Orange or Maplewood library for a half hour or so.

Please let me know of any interest! (And if this idea sounds cockamamie, let me know that too!) Thanks for reading!

Sounds like a good offer. You get experience to decide if counseling is really for you. The people you meet will get your advise and insight. As long as no money is changing hands and you are not expecting a long term financial relationship -- great post. Go for it.

Yes -- I have no affiliation with any financial services firm, nor do I have any capacity/authorization to invest on behalf of another person. My interest is purely educational.

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