Far Side cartoons

Hey all - we need more humor threads to counter the politics - please start one like this!  grin

This one always cracked me up.

not Far Side, but appropriate on this thread....

This was always a favorite from MAD magazine....

...and...again, not Far Side but funny!!

and one more... . this one is so very absurd, and so relevant, I can't stop laughing.

Thank you! Some of these cracked me up!

The dinosaur cartoon is one of my favorites.

The dinosaur cartoon was on our fridge for years - first cartoon our preschool/kindergarten guys actually understood.


I had the dinosaur one as a coffee mug years ago. I think my old boss stole it.

there's a one-panel cartoon called F Minus that currently runs in the Star-Ledger.  It is so absurd, I love it.  Tony Carillo started drawing it when he was in college, and it's now in its 15th year.


Here was the first one:

and a random selection from 2012:

And then there's Thurber...

while not a cartoon, this sign hung over my computer/printer/phone/fax machine (back in the day) work space for years — and now is displayed near my modern contraptions at home. You cannot read it (aloud preferably) without giggling.  It is the laugh and smiles that count!

Your sign reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's pseudo-German as Adenoid Hynkel in The Great Dictator

Do you get the Wizard of Id? I’ve chuckled at Today’s Classic on the website.

And didn’t we used to have a classic Garfield thread a few years back? Always good for a smile.

I've saved these for years. I actually wrote a paper on Booth. Love him.

Another of my long-time favorite cartoonists, -Chas Addams, -Addams family.

Edward Steed, my current go-to in The New Yorker, is warped.

steel said:
And then there's Thurber...

 Beat me to it. 

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