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I’m writing to see if anyone has a recommendation for a person or facility that can perform educational testing for my 16 year old son. There is a history of processing disorder, special education services and a present 504. The processing seems less of an issue now but he is having a terrible time on tests/quizes when information retention and memory are involved. These are the arenas I would like to formally have evaluated. He works very hard in school but is very discouraged with poor performance. I would very much like to get him the support he needs. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 

look on a site called  while it is geared toward dyslexia they have a referral list for people that do testing, you can check to see if they would be appropriate for your child.

if you mean CAPD, this site has a good summary about what to expect from testing§ion=Assessment

My experience with these places was a long time ago:

Montclair State does educational testing in their graduate school.  It's reasonably priced.

There is also this place - which I found when I was looking for Goryeb Children's Hospital--I guess it's part of the Atlantic Network now.

If you don't mind going to the city check out

I work at a school for students with learning differences and many of families have used them.

We've worked with a neurdevelopmentalist for years based in Annapolis, MD (Dr. Carol Samango-Sprouse).  There are specific reasons why we travel to see this particular person that I won't get into here, but the comprehensive tests she does has helped up pinpoint areas to focus on.  We also see the neurologist Dr. Mahalingam at St. Barnabas as she in an MD and the neurodevelopmentalist is a Ph.D and more of an educational specialist.

Thank you for the suggestions! I am starting with Montclair State - close by and reasonably priced, so worth a try. 

Another possibility: Connie Santschi PhD at St Barnabas. We found her to be very compassionate and, importantly, she was willing to do a discrete set of tests rather than requiring a comprehensive workup. In your case, it sounds like your son has been evaluated previously and already has a diagnosis. The front office staff (at least a few years ago) was not super helpful, unfortunately. You may need to schedule an appointment for a consult and then come back for testing. We had a referral and Dr. Santschi returned my call so you could also try leaving a message. Also, even though she is at Barnabas, it is most likely this type of eval will be private pay.

Good luck!

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