Final session of the Drug and Alcohol abuse and addiction education forum takes place on April 25th

Maplewood and South Orange Alliances, ADAPT and the South Mountain YMCA present: SOMA Talks, Getting Rid of the Stigma.  A discussion about Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the family.

Part 2 of this Education Forum is Wednesday, April 18th and part 3 is Wednesday April 25th. These events are free and will take place at 7:30pm at The Woodland, 60 Woodland Road in Maplewood.

These discussions will be facilitated by professionals from the addiction treatment field as well as a parent of a recovering addict.  Part 2 focuses on the warning signs of abuse and addiction and what to do when evidence is discovered.  Part 3 focuses on how to cope with this family disease, including erasing the stigma of addiction in the family.

Panelists will be available after each discussion and printed resources will be provided by ADAPT.

If you have any questions about this epidemic that is killing so many people, young and old, please attend these important discussions

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Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested is these discussions. Thx

from Bob Roe, Health Dept.   Thank you Tom for spreading this message far and wide.   Opioid, and other drugs and alcohol abuse are issues that affect all of us.   

Bumping this very important event up to the top.

The third and final discussion forum for this series takes place on Wednesday, April 25th at 7:30pm at the Woodland in Maplewood (60 Woodland Rd). The second session which took place this past Wednesday was a lively and informative discussion about addiction, who's at risk and how to have discussions with your children about addiction/abuse. The discussion was led by Ms. Lorin Gaffen a therapist specializing in addiction and family therapy.  Many of the attendees came up to me afterward to say how helpful and informative it was.


The next session will focus on the fact that addiction is not only a brain disease, but also a family disease.  It affects not just the addict but the entire family.  Ms. Gaffen will also facilitate this discussion and will be joined by Nicholas Beam who is a patient advocate for RWJ Barnabas’ Health Institute for Prevention and Recovery and is also a recovering addict.  You do not have to have an addict in your family for this information to be helpful.


For the first two sessions, the attendance was low, but the information was very powerful.  If you can attend this free discussion forum you will not regret it!


I hope to see many of you there.


Just bumping this up. The last discussion forum is this Wednesday evening. This discussion will be informative and enlightening. Even if you do not have addiction in your family, this is important information. Also, these forums were designed to be independent of each other, so even if you did not attend the previous 2 forums, this discussion is relevant and important. Thank you!

Last bump.  Thanks

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