Changing Schools

Question for the experts here...Do you have to switch schools if your child is going to their zoned school, but then you move either mid-year or the following year? Or do they allow the child to continue on in the school they started in? Do you have to re-register every year?


No - you don't re-register each year.  If you don't notify the BOE, your child can stay put, however all of your mail will go to the old address, some things don't forward so they will catch on eventually.  We were able to request our daughter to attend Marshall to be in the same school as our son who was in the apple program.  We were zoned for SM, and everything worked out fine.

Is the move within Maplewood/South Orange or out of district?  

It would be within the district. Basically we may have to rent short term until we can purchase a house, so we would go to the zoned school for the rental (or opt into SB), and possible buy a house zoned for a different school. I would hate to have my daughter establish relationships in one school and then have to move on shortly after. 

Thanks for all the help!

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