Carpet Installation

Any suggestions for good, reasonable carpet installation. Looking to replace carpeting with new for 2 rooms.

G. Fried Carpet on Route 22.

Installation only? Or are you looking to PURCHASE the carpet AND have it installed?

try home advisor for a carpet installer only

Try The Carpet Mill on Route 10 in East Hanover. 862-701-2577. Used them successfully for years. Note

Love the Carpet Mill (Route 10). We used them this spring....they had an excellent selection, no high-pressure tactics at all (they actually recommended AGAINST carpeting an adjoining area we had thought of doing because they felt it wouldn't look right). Installation was painless and quick and we are very happy with the service and the finished product.

I've heard very nice things about Carpet Mill.

We had a good experience with Empire for our basement carpet. They came to our house, the price was right (after negotiating), and when we had an issue a few months after installation they completely replaced it

Thanks all. Yes, need to buy and have the carpet installed. Does anyone only install carpet without selling it? That would seem like a counter intuitive business model

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