Car Insurance for a Teen

I have read that a teen "takes on" some of the credit histoty of others. For example, if a parent adds a teen as a an additional cardholder on their cc account, the teen assumes some of the parents' credit rating. Not a one for one but that it can mean he gets a credit score boost or drop depending on the cc holders credit score.

Is the same true for car insurance? If the teen is added to an adults car insurance policy and that adult has horrible credit scores/problems, will that bleed over to affect the teen in any way?

Adding to the adults is 1/3 the cost of him getting his own policy but I want to be sure not to set the kid up for financial knocks right off the bat.


In my limited knowledge: Credit is tied to an individual's ssn and his actions. If he's concerned about their bad credit affecting his, then maybe it would benefit him to get his own independent insurance. I don't believe he can have it both ways though. Be on his parents' insurance, get a two thirds discount, but escape the repercussions of their poor financial decisions by getting a reasonable price. He's a teenager. There's only so much discount you can get anyway. Do a cost benefit analysis see where it makes sense. 

I need to know how and if credit is affected to do a cost benefit analysis.

And the SSN theory is not entirely correct. If I have excellent credit and teen has no credit at all. If I add him as an additional card holder on my cc, he gets a bump/ benefit to his credit score just by he association. If I'm an 800, it doesn't mean he gets that but he gets some carry over benefit simply from the association. I want to know if the same is true for insurance or if they have nothing to do with it.

Ok I understand now. The parents' poor credit will affect the overall insurance cost but his own personal credit will not suffer as a result of him being on their insurance. Now if he makes individual choices after the fact, that affect his credit that's another ballgame. 

awesome! That's what I meant. Yeah, the adults insurancexakready costs a lot because of her bad credit so I'd imagine adding him would be higher than if an adult with good credit added him. But my concern was more around the possible hit on his credit score ONLY as a result of the affiliation.

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