Are full contact football games allowed at Underhill field?

There's one going on at the moment.  I didn't think Underhill was even open as of yet.

They shouldn't be - I think it's over now - it was nice to hear the return of a game - it sounded like an official game since I heard ref whistles.

Looks like it's still happening - definitely not full contact - no helmets or anything.  

ok, I did a little investigating.  Main gate is locked and says no trespassing.  Gate by Clinton school is completely open - this used to be locked and most people were getting in through the a gap in the fence.

Gate at Essex road is completely open - no signs.  On the field the game was over - no one was wearing a mask.

I guess it is what it is.  Play at your own risk.

There seem to be daily [pick up?]  basketball games in Memorial Park; no sign of any masks or social distancing.

The front gate is open - looks like Underhill is okay to use now.

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